33 Weeks 5 Days.

I haven’t blogged like normal because… well, I’m just not feeling it lately. I’m definitely entering my version of the last few weeks of pregnancy and am just drained.

DS#3 and I had a rough night last night and rotated between bathroom trips and having contractions. Not much sleep was had by us. So, that means that Mama is dragging this morning. I spent all of yesterday afternoon doing laundry, cleaning our kitchen, and attempting to persuade the Big Kids to clean their playroom. All of that activity probably contributed to last night’s misadventures.

We had planned on taking the kids for a special treat tonight since our time as a family of five is slowly dwindling. Our Big Kids love breakfast. Specifically, they LOVE pancakes. So, we had planned on taking them to Cracker Barrel for Brinner (you know, Breakfast for Dinner. 🙂 ). The closest CB is also right beside the mall so we were going to pick up some of our remaining necessities for DS#3.  I’m trying to get up the energy to go tonight. I know the kids will like the special treat… I may just need to nap some today.

Other than that, nothing really happening in Pregnancyland. DS#3 is active but slower, for sure. I’ve promised my mom that I will attempt to update my weekly journal of pictures documenting our life. Maybe I will do that today at lunch. Maybe. Friday is our next OB appointment and we will see what is happening with DS#3.


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