34 Weeks 3 Days

Well, just a quick update for my memory sake.

I had a horrible headache and nausea last night. I was fearful that it was my blood pressure spiking since my feet started swelling suddenly yesterday. My hubby took BP and it was 90/52. So, that wasn’t the cause. All we can figure is that my sinuses caused what turned into a horrible migraine that landed me in bed around 8 pm.

This morning, I still have the lingering effects of the migraine but no nausea. My hands and feet are swollen now so… Ugh. I’m hoping we aren’t heading into pre-eclampsia again. Since I stayed home from church and hubby went, I haven’t checked my BP. We’ll just pray that it is the heat and my allergies causing the swelling and headache.

As a fun fact for me to remember, as of today, I’m still wearing my prepregnancy underwear! Haha! No granny panties this time around!


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