35 Weeks.

Well, here we are. 35 weeks. Boy, this pregnancy has flown by! Only 2 weeks separate us from when DS#1 and DD#1 were born and only 1 week separates us from when DS#2 was born. That’s promising.

I’d like to say that I’m enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy. I do love feeling DS#3 kick around or have hiccups. Truthfully, this is the misery part of pregnancy for me. My normal pattern is to stay in the latent stage of labor for a couple of weeks before delivering the baby. What does that mean? Well, lots of contractions. Not much sleep.

Contractions. Since they are so fresh on my mind, I’ll talk about them. I have strings of contractions for hours (and sometimes days…) on end. They will be typically strong. They typically start in my back and wrap around to my abdomen. Occasionally, they wrap down into my crotch. Those are fun. Ever feel like there’s an alien trying to rip its way out of you? Well, that’s what these feel like. Sometimes, they have a very strong pattern and will stay consistent (or get closer together) for hours on end. If they start at 5:30 minutes apart, they usually will end somewhere around 2-3 minutes apart. And, then they stop. If they weren’t making progress and causing me to dilate and efface, then we’d just shrug these guys off as annoying at best. However, I am dilating and effacing so… when these strings of contractions get on a roll, I have to wonder where we are going with them. Is this the time? Is there a reason to time these nasty, hateful things? Or, should I just be thankful that they are doing their job and helping me progress and not making me be subjected to Pitocin for as long (or hopefully at ALL!) in a hospital bed??? I also find myself wondering, “Is this the bathroom trip in which my water will break??” Ah, the uncertainty and fun of late pregnancy.

Speaking of fun, my hubby and I have read a little of a Labor and Delivery advice book at night after the big kids go to bed. We have a good time laughing at the advice and, truthfully, wondering how this little one will choose to make his appearance.

My hubby took out my exercise ball yesterday in preparation for the time in which I’m ready to sit on it. We won’t start that until I hit 36 weeks, I’m thinking. DS#3 is already working hard on the contractions and I don’t want him born before 36 weeks. God’s in control but this Mama is taking it easy until after 36 weeks.

Anyway, I say all of this to say that, should the contractions continue through today, I will probably call my OB to see if they can work me in for tomorrow. I’d like to make sure that I’m not sitting here at 4 -5 cm.


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