35 Weeks 3 Days. Part 2.

Well, DS#3 decided to have some adventure today.

When my hubby got home from church, I remarked that I hadn’t had many contractions this morning. Well, I guess DS#3 heard me. We’ve been having contractions ever since then and they average around 5 minutes apart and a minute long. Some are closer together and some last 1.5 minutes. What they all have in common is that they HURT! Add these to my already “cry at the drop of a hat” emotional state and my hubby has a hot mess on his hands. And, I’m sure I’m torturing my mom in Florida and my friend (who is supposed to be in the delivery room) on a mission trip to Toronto.

So, we’re riding these guys out. This is typical of my pregnancies so “watch and see” is the best policy. Praying for either my water to break or for them to stop.


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