Ugh. 35 Weeks 4 Days.

As usual, this is your warning, if you’re easily offended, stop reading.

After I blogged last night, I soaked in our jacuzzi tub and the contractions slowed down finally. I still had them while in the tub and they were still as hard. Just not as close together.

When I got out of the tub, I was allowed a small window of no contractions. Soon, they started back up. Ugh. We decided to give me a full dose of Tylenol PM (I usually only take a 1/2 dose) and try to get some sleep. If my water broke during the night, so be it. We were exhausted.

Contractions through the night that woke me through the Tylenol PM. Then, this morning, I’ve lost a huge chunk of mucus plug. I’ve been losing little chunks over the past couple weeks but this was the biggest yet. I definitely don’t think (between the contractions & the mucus plug) that I’ll still be 2 cm at OB appointment on Friday. I guess we’ll see.

The game plan. Sit on my can-can for the rest of this week.


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