35 Weeks 6 Days

Last night, I had tons of contractions through the night.
Didn’t sleep much because of them. However, when I got up this morning, I had none comparatively. By lunchtime, I’d had maybe 5 contractions. Women are psycho. Instead of being thrilled with the break from pain, I was sad. I told my hubby that it was comforting to know that DS#3 was getting closer when I had the contractions.

Anyway, because I’m a psycho woman, I told my hubby that he didn’t need to come home for lunch and help me take the big kids to their nap time. I didn’t feel bad and I could handle it. And, I did. However, I didn’t feel great after doing it. The contractions started. And we’re talking good ones. They were averaging 5 minutes apart and 1+ minute long. I talked to my mom off and on through the afternoon and she got to hear the waves of contractions.

By about 3 PM, I was really hurting and happened to be back on the phone with my mom. She nicely asked me to humor her and find someone to watch the kids. “Please go get checked.”

So, I did. A sweet angel friend came to watch the big kids. By 4:15 PM, we were on the way to the hospital.


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