Reflecting on how this is different.

This pregnancy has been vastly different than the other three so it makes sense that L&D would be different.

I still had the same apprehension regarding whether I was ACTUALLY in labor. However, what an awesome experience not being sick as a dog going into the hospital. My only complaint?? A tiny headache. No feet swelling. No high blood pressure. No vomiting. Nothing. And, because I’m not SO sick, I can actually focus on relaxing through contractions. I’ve never made it to 5 cm without the help of pain medications. That’s HUGE, peeps!!!

Btw. 10:22 PM. checked by my very nice new L&D nurse. She says “easily 5 and stretchy.” This mama hopes that means close to 6 cm. And, she dig a lot of digging around in there. Here’s to hoping that helps with progress. To my peeps who have had a cervical check by Dr. L, this nurse must have TRAINED Dr. L. She was NOT playing with that exam. Wowzers! That’s my nasal cavity, nice lady! 🙂


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