Call in the DH!

No, in this circumstance we are not referring to designated hitter. This is Dear Hubby. My sweet wife is now sleeping peacefully. Pitocin was brought on board at 6:11 am and Nalbuphine, aka Nubain, was put in the IV at 6:17 am. So my sweet wife was out at 6:17:45 am.



2 thoughts on “Call in the DH!

  1. Oh, Chris… I was hoping to wake to pictures of this sweet baby boy. Prayers to Rosalind and Elijah. May God keep watch over them both, give Ros strength to endure the final phases and may they both have a safe delivery. Thank you both for keeping us updated.

    Hang in there Ros! You’ve got this. You’ve been doing great all through the night. Don’t lose hope, keep it up. Love you!!

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