After we got to hold DS#3 for a little while, the nursery came to look him over.
He was having some temperature and breathing issues so they took him back to the nursery for observation. Once we were settled in my room, we got the news that the NICU was going to be evaluating him for whether he needed to be moved to the NICU. Shortly after, we were told that he had been moved to the NICU.

When we finally dodged all of the events occurring in the NICU (new babies arriving and shift changes), we were able to see him. He was a sad little boy. He had bruises on his face from his quick entrance into the world. He was dusky. And, lethargic. He just laid there. They put him on oxygen, ran an IV for antibiotics, and was not being given formula until he improved some. It is scary seeing your baby hooked up to all the wires and tubes but they can care for him best there. That was at 2 PM.

By 9 PM when we were able to finally go back to see him again, he looked SO much better!!! PRAISE GOD!!! We will see what tomorrow brings!


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