The Details of The End.

As soon as my doctor broke my water, I made very good progress.
Quickly went from 8 to 9 centimeters. And the contractions were BRUTAL. I had been told by my awesome L&D nurse that I couldn’t have another shot of Nubain because I was so close to the end. I was cool with that because the contractions at 8 cm were perfectly fine. No problemo. Let me just say that the contractions at 9 cm are NOT cool. I found myself rolled on my side, wearing oxygen and saying that I couldn’t do this. DS#3 was having some decels during contractions but he sprung back when the contractions ended.

Anyway, after not very long, I told my nurse that I felt him bearing down A LOT. I didn’t feel like I had to poop yet and I wasn’t complete so we were just waiting on that. Went back to contractions. Suddenly, I yelled “I’m PUSHING!!” I actually think that I may have said that a couple of times. Fortunately, our dear sweet friend, Amy had made it to the hospital right before I yelled that announcement. 🙂 In the chaos, I don’t remember much. I know they called my doctor and she didn’t have time to gown up. I’m told I yelled for them to “Stop!” and I know my OB told me “Stop what? You’re doing it!” haha. Anyway, we survived pushing and didn’t have to have anyone count off pushes or anything. My body completely took over and pushed when it was ready. It was an awesomely, terrifying, painful and exhilarating experience. I wouldn’t change my decision!!! DS#3 was born at 8:48 am on 7/12/12. 6 lbs 10 oz 20″ long!


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