“90% is 50% mental…”

Ok, so maybe that phrase is a tad humorous but I’ve found it to be true. This morning was the epitome of this phrase in my life. I was REALLY not wanting to do my C25K. After a night of being awakened by frequent feedings for the sick 8 week old and having a bit of sickness myself, I did not want to put those shoes on and step on the treadmill. Everyone (except my husband and me) were asleep so I couldn’t even listen to my music. My music helps me keep going but I truly didn’t want to awaken the four kids early.

I forced myself to put my shoes on and plug-in the treadmill. My other hesitation today??? Well, today was the first day that I would progress from running 1.5 minutes to running 3 minutes. Yikes. I dreaded it and seriously thought I wouldn’t survive. I hit the first running segment (1.5 minutes) and was struggling. I was tired and emotionally not committed. I started saying to myself, “I don’t have my music. I need music. I can cut the running a tad short in each segment and I’ll survive. Who’s to know??” Then, I remembered a passage of verses that I’d read yesterday. The passage was Isaiah 40. One verse in particular had stuck out in my mind. Verse 29 says, “He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength.” I started repeating the verse over and over as my feet pounded on the treadmill. The 1.5 minute run segment ended and the next walking segment began. And ended. The 3 minute run segment began. “He gives power to the faint…” Run. Breath. Run. Breath. “…He increases strength.” Run. Breath. Run. Breath. The 3 minute run segment ended. And, I survived. NO! I felt good even! I finished the other run and walk segments while repeating that verse. The whole program today was supposed to last 28 minutes but I hate doing less than 30 minutes of cardio each workout day. So, I added ANOTHER 3 minute run segment. I felt great after finishing and did 31 minutes of running and walking. And meditating on my true Strength.

God does give strength. No, correction. He is my strength. When I take my eyes off of Him, whether while running, parenting, my marriage, or life in general, I will stumble. I will grow weak. I will not succeed. My focus must be on Christ.

For the record and to keep my honest, here is my treadmill screen after today’s session. 🙂


2 thoughts on ““90% is 50% mental…”

  1. Great job, Ros! So proud of you! I’ve been running for while and I still struggle! Some runs are easy and some are not so don’t get discouraged when those days come. Some are so not fun that I too end up quoting every verse I can possibly think of to keep my mind off of the actual running! Its in those times you do find that truly He is our strength.

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