Weekly Weight Report. 9/14/12.

I procrastinated posting this today. Not because I was disappointed with my weight but, truly, you can’t see a difference between last week‘s picture and this week’s picture. However, this helps me stay committed and gives me inspiration through the week as I eat right and exercise. I know that I will soon be able to flip through these weekly pictures and be excited at the progress!

Me. 9/14/12.

Weight: 182 lbs.

Loss since 9/7/12. 2.5 lbs. SCORE!

For comparison, this is last week’s pic.

See? Not much difference. I have bad “day off” hair in both. 🙂 I promise I will take a picture one week with my hair actually fixed so I don’t continue humiliating the wonderful lady who cuts my hair.

I also thought that I’d post my “last chance workout” details from yesterday. It was scheduled to be my off day for C25K so I hoped to complete a kettlebell workout. I never know if that will happen during naptime so I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill before everyone awoke. At lunch time, I was able to complete 17 minutes of kettlebell before DS#3 awoke. At bed time, my hubby and I took turns on the treadmill. I decided that I wanted to confuse my muscles a tad. I also wanted to see if I could run 5 minutes straight. And, I DID!!! I played with the incline percentage and really didn’t increase my speed because of the incline changes. My most proud moment of the 30 minutes? I ran 5 minutes at 4.2 MPH and 2% incline. I know that doesn’t sound like much to actual runners but, for me, that’s a huge improvement.

Here’s my treadmill screen for posterity.

Look at the vertical feet! YAY! Progress!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weight Report. 9/14/12.

  1. I see a difference! I really do!

    While I was getting ‘conquer fitness’ under my belt I took a photo every Friday in my underwear. I could not for the life of me see a difference, in fact, I felt like it looked as if I had gained weight!

    I actually did it for 6 weeks in a row without seeing much change, and then got discouraged and stopped. Maybe a month later I decided to take another one and OMG the changes from THAT picture to the first one… it was crazy! Keep taking pictures and measurements and don’t get discouraged! It takes a bit of time, but you will see differences. xo

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