The Mommy Workout.

This is also known as the “A Body in Motion Stays in Motion” workout.

If you are a mom like I am, you have days were an actual exercise time just doesn’t occur. There isn’t time for popping in a workout DVD or jumping on the treadmill. And, let’s forget all together about going to a gym to workout. HA!

I thought I would list some of the things that became part of my “Mommy Workout.”

– Chasing the 2 year old.

– Cleaning up toys that the 2 year old threw on the floor.

– Chasing the 2 year old and attempting to hold him still in order to change him.

– Putting clothes in to wash and dry.

– Carrying overflowing laundry baskets to the living room (umm, because you don’t DARE leave the 2 year old without supervision…).

– Climbing stairs repeatedly at nap time in an (unsuccessful) attempt to persuade the toddlers to go to sleep.

– Sweeping the floor under the table repeatedly.

– Mopping the floor under the table repeatedly.

– Vacuuming the floor.

– Scrubbing magic marker off of the hardwood floor.

– Carrying around the 13 lb. 8 week old (bonus calories if you are doing other activities while carry said 8 week old).

– Scrubbing refrigerator shelves.

– Scrubbing the floor of the shower.

– Picking up dirty clothes.

– Reorganize the pantry. Unstack all the cans and stack them back.

I could go on and on with this list. I’m making the point (to me mostly…) that there isn’t an excuse to be inactive. Don’t say “I can’t get to the gym so I can’t lose weight.” There’s always a way to burn calories. Do extra trips up those stairs. Mop that floor every day. Reorganize that pantry and lift those cans repeatedly. You CAN be active and you CAN lose weight. STAY ACTIVE. Don’t sit down and watch hours of shows on the DVR during your spare time. Don’t play on Facebook. Work. Get your booty moving.

Ole Sir Isaac Newton had it right. “A body in motion stays in motion…” (Ok, that’s my paraphrased version.) In other words, if you move, it’s easy to KEEP MOVING. Don’t stop. KEEP MOVING!!!!!


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