C25K. Week 3. Day 3.

Whew!!! W3D3 was rough! I’ve been gradually increasing my speed during the running portion in an attempt to push myself harder. W3D3 was no different. I warmed up at 3.5 MPH, transitioned to walking at 3.8 MPH, and then ran at 4.7 MPH. I’ve sprinted a couple of times at 5 MPH but really haven’t run for any length of time past 4.5 MPH. It felt good running at 4.7 MPH. (Again, I issue the caveat that I understand that my speeds are super slow compared to others. I am beginning where I am and I am THRILLED! No shame here!)

I also added a 3rd 3 minute run to the day to bring my total running time to 31 minutes. It’s another way I’m attempting to push myself. W3D3’s extra 3 minute run was almost my mental undoing. I was seriously drilling my verse in my head through those 3 minutes.

Two things I would like to remember from W3D3’s run:

1. It really is important to calm down and just breathe. When I would focus on the “Oh my. I can’t breathe.” panic, my running would get worse. Just calm down and breathe.

2. It is SOOOO important to have my memory verse handy and repeat it over and over. W3D3’s verse was “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Posterity Pic of my treadmill screen.

Increase in mileage and MPH! I’m excited!!



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