Welcome to the Gun Show.

Ok, not quite. Yet. 🙂 My off days for the C25K plan include working with my kettlebell. I have previously used Bob Harper’s DVDs and I still love to do that. However, with 3 toddlers and an infant in the house, I usually have to squeeze in the kettlebell workouts when I can. Usually, that time is nap time. If you’ve ever herded cats, you understand how difficult it is to get all of my kids to sleep at the same time. Usually, I have 15-20 minutes in which this phenomenon occurs. If I turn on the TV, it wakes someone up. Therefore, I have started just doing a set arrangement of all of the exercises on the DVD with little amounts of cardio (i.e. Mountain climbers, burpees, jumping jacks, etc.) in between them. It’s probably not as effective as using Bob’s DVD but it’s still working with the weights to build strength and burn calories. AND, it’s still better than sitting on the couch. Improvise is the name of the game!!!

This is my old friend, The 10 lb kettlebell. He got demoted yesterday. I worked with my husband’s 15 lb kettlebell. WOOOOO!!!

I also decided to work on the treadmill. Instead of working on the C25K program (since it was my scheduled off day), I decided to focus on increasing my incline percentage again. Before I started increasing the incline, I warmed up at 3.7 MPH walk and then ran. My goal was to run at 4.2 MPH for an extended period of time. I ran a FULL 1/2 mile at 4.2 MPH. That is huge for me and I was pumped. I slowed the pace back to 3.7 MPH and started gradually increasing the incline. I increased by a percent with each minute and ended up at 8% incline @ 3.7 MPH for a minute. I lowered the incline back to 1% and did one more run period before walking the cool down. It was a good off day workout!! I’m proud of my progress!



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