Perspective and a Little Sabbatical.

By the end of last week, I was exhausted. I had no energy to do daily activities much less to run. My mom asked, “Are you sure you’re getting enough calories?” After being completely run down, I think she is right. I’m chasing 3 toddlers and nursing an 11 week old in addition to regular house activities and exercising. Simply eating 1200 calories per day isn’t enough. I also felt burnt out on exercising. That was probably a result of the food intake but… by Friday, I needed rest.

So, I weighed in for my weekly records but I didn’t post it on here. (For the record, I weighed 179 lbs. YES!) I didn’t post it because I felt like I was focusing too much on the weight loss (and doing it quickly!) and not enough on just trying to make myself more healthy. Should I have posted? Probably. However, I took the whole weekend off of exercising. I ate a little bit more calories and even included some nice red meat in the form of a roast. I watched my portion size and didn’t pig out. The result? I felt much improved by this morning. Success.

Note to self: The moral of this story is don’t rush the results. Support you and DS#3. Don’t push the exercising without taking a rest. You’re seeing results and the weight goal will happen in due time.


One thought on “Perspective and a Little Sabbatical.

  1. I think this is a good idea–I’ve been worried you would take off the weight too quickly and your milk supply would suffer like mine did when I lost the baby weight too fast . . . I’m glad you are thinking about moderating 🙂

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