C25K. Week 5 Day 2.

Wooooo, I was kind of dreading yesterday’s C25K workout. The plan called for 2 periods of running for 8 minutes each with a period of walking in between them. I have run for 8 minutes straight already but the thought of 2 periods of 8 minutes was a tad intimidating. Well, how did I do??? Let’s say that it was a success!!!

I walked at 3.7 MPH and vowed to only run at 4.2 MPH. I couldn’t do that. I could hum while running at 4.2 MPH so I increased the speed to 4.5 MPH and finally 4.7 MPH. And, I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!

Posterity Pic from my treadmill screen:

Bring it on, Week 5 Day 3 and 20 minutes straight of running!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!



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