Tales of The Crazies.

A friend on FB encouraged me to blog these little stories of The Crazies so that I could remember these times. 🙂

While loading the dishwasher:

DS #2: Mama, what are you doing?

Me: I’m loading the dishwasher.

DS #2: Ok, what’s next?

Me: I’m going to empty the dryer, load it again and then load the washer. Then, I am going to go peepee potty, get your snack & juice and then pay bills. Then, I’ll fold laundry.

DS #2: Mama, you go use my potty. You will go peepee faster in my potty. (As I walk towards his potty…) Be careful, mama. There’s a spider in there…… God, please don’t let that spider kill Mama………



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