DS #2 trauma.

As we finished our last day of Easy Peasy Homeschool Curriculum yesterday, we started our first day of summer homeschool today. For our formal school time each day, I decided that we would focus on handwriting, counting, and reading over the remaining summer weeks. So what does that mean?? QUICK! PINTEREST!!!!

I quickly scanned through the homeschool pins and found a few worksheets that I could adapt for each of The Crazies’ levels (5.5 years old, 4 years old, and 2.5 years old). I found one that included tracing numbers. While DS #1 can count well, I mainly wanted to give him copywork. However, DD is working on writing letters/numbers and DS #2 is just starting to count and trace. It was also snack time. Enter trauma.

DS #2 is serious about his snack. He is also in the middle of a growth spurt. And, I’m smart. I decide to combine snack time with learning time. I start the exercise of having each Crazy count the appropriate number of Cheerios and place it on top of the corresponding number.

Poor DS #2. “Mama, I eat them now.”

Me: “No, I’m sorry. Finish counting.”

DS #2. “Ok, mama. I put ONE cheerio on the LETTER ONE. I eat them all now.”

Me: “No. I’m sorry. Finish doing your paper with Mama. Let’s count out two Cheerios.”


Me: “9.”

DS #2. “I will NEVER EAT AGAIN. I will DIE.”

Me: “HAHAHA. You will not die. Let’s finish.”

When we finished the whole paper…

DS #2. “This is serious, Mama. I eat them now. I am done with school.”

Hahaha. He’s a good boy as long as no one interrupts his snack time. 🙂


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