Confession Time. Pottying during nap time.

It is an hour into the nap time of all four Crazies. It is blissfully quiet and I am attempting to rest. My neck hurts because I slept on it wrong. So, I’m being completely unproductive. Until the urge hits. Yes. Mama must go potty. I mosey off the couch and to the guest bathroom. Doh. No toilet paper. If I go to my bathroom, I will awaken DS #3. If I go upstairs to the kids’ bathroom, I will awaken the older Crazies. What do I do???? Am I the only Mom who would think about knocking on the neighbor’s door before I would consider awakening their kids??? Oh… but I can’t leave them alone… Ugh. Time to awaken the beast as Mama can only do the Potty Dance for so long.


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