Water. DS #1 style.

On the way to church last night, I was feeling frustrated. My hubby and I had a discussion and, well, I was frustrated. I had dropped him at church, taken the kids home and was on my way BACK to church. To say that my mind wasn’t 100% focused on the conversation occurring in the back seats is putting it lightly. This was a prime opportunity for Tales of The Crazies.

DS #1: “Mama, who gave us water?”

Me: (PAUSE. I’m trying to decide whether he is speaking of WHO created water or who filled his cup with water from the faucet.) “Mama and Daddy…” I say tentatively.

DS #1: ((SIGH)) “Mama… No… God did. You see, in the beginning… God made the Earth. God made the sky. God made the animals. And, Mama… God made the water. Do you understand, Mama?”

Me: (Obviously, trying to contain my laughter.) “Yes, I do.”

DS #1: “Mama. Who made the houses?”

Me: “Well… God made the men who made the houses.”


Yes, yes, I do, son. I learn quickly. 🙂


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