Baby #5

We went on a little trip to North Carolina at the end of September. We combined “in view of a call” type visit with some much needed down time with The Crazies. The new church family provided our family with a very nice cabin in which to stay, we had meetings with the personnel committee, meals with different church members and, truly, relaxed. We searched God’s will to ensure that this was truly what He desired.

Since it was a little bit of a break in the “normalcy” of our crazy life, I wasn’t surprised when I was a tad “late.” With all the excitement and traveling and such, I really didn’t think too seriously about it. However, when we were on our way back to Tennessee on Monday, I decided that I might as well take a pregnancy test. So, while my hubby helped distract the kids, I slipped into the bathroom and surreptitiously took the test. Yep. Didn’t have to wait at all for it to turn positive. It was immediately positive. So, I walked back into the kitchen (while hiding the test) and asked my husband which he wanted a boy or a girl.

It truly was a blessing the way God timed it all! I guess He knew we needed more crazy than just moving our family 8 hours away! 🙂


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