Time to breathe.

So, my last blog was at the first part of October when my husband had just resigned as Children’s Pastor and had accepted the role of Senior Pastor at our new church. What a difference three months will make! 

It truly has been a whirlwind. In those three months, we packed everything we owned and put our house officially on the market. We moved to North Carolina and into a rental home while we prayed our Tennessee home would sell. We received a signed contract on our Tennessee house and found a house to purchase in North Carolina. We are still awaiting the closing of our house in Tennessee but we are praying that it will close as promised by the end of January. (We are not huge fans of the VA loan red tape, by the way, after this “adventure.”)

How are The Crazies? Is that what you’d like to know? While they still ask for their teachers in Tennessee, they have fared remarkably well during the transition. There have been moments of tears for all of us in the shuffling but we are all adjusting. They are slowly becoming more comfortable with their new church family and have developed some attachments. That makes it easier for all of us when those new friendships are formed. And Baby #5 is another boy. We can’t wait to meet him. I guess I need to blog how we found out we were expecting. One day, I will want to remember that! We are still homeschooling and I promise that I will post more updates on that adventure.

How’s life in our new church body? Wonderful. We prayed very specifically for certain qualities when it became apparent that God was leading my hubby towards Senior. It has been awesome to see God check things off of our checklist AND provide qualities that we didn’t know to request. Is it perfect? No. It is exactly where God wants us and, to that end, it is perfect.

Anyway, just thought I’d post an update. 🙂


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