Mother of the Year. Again.

March 13th was a pretty typical morning for us. We did our morning routine and then I had the kids go upstairs to their rooms to play. “Upstairs” is actually just 4 steps separating The Crazies’ rooms and the sunken living room and kitchen. Since we still have a toddler, those 4 steps are guarded by a large, sliding baby gate. Anyway, I sent them to play while I cooked our lunch. As they played, I cooked a surprise treat for them. Fried bologna sandwiches. Yes. A true rite of passage. Anyway, I digress.

As I was finishing the fried bologna, I heard a crash and DD cried briefly. I called her name and said for her to come to me. She stopped crying and did not come to me. So, I did Mommy Triage. If you are a mom, you understand. There are auditory clues to the severity of the trauma.

Did the child not cry at all? RUN. FAST. This is serious after a crash.

Did the child crying out for an extended period of time like they are in pain? Run.

Did the child cry and then STOP crying? Eh, probably just a small skirmish between siblings.

You see? You triage. I had a hot pan on the stove and I triaged. Approximately 5 minutes after the crash, my husband came home from work for lunch.

As I plated lunch, he went to the gate to allow the kids to come down. Because the gate slides and my husband didn’t realize that DS #2 had his fingers at the joint of the gate, he squished his finger. My husband picked him up to comfort him since he was crying. I walked up to see the war wound and caught a glimpse of DD behind my husband and DS #2. She was just standing there silently behind the gate with tears rolling down her face. We call DD and DS #2 “The Twins” so I assumed she was crying out of sympathy for her brother’s minor injury. I said, “Why are you crying, baby?”

All she said was, “My arm hurts.” I looked down and her forearm was completely bent. It was very obviously broken. I sat down since I felt a tad woozy. My husband assumed that it would need to be set and that I wouldn’t make it through a situation like that.

broken xray 031314

When my husband got to the ER, it was indeed broken and in need of setting. However, since I had offered her lunch and she had eaten a few bites, they were not able to set the arm that day. Since she was so young, they would need to put her under anesthesia to set it. They scheduled that for the next morning and, thankfully, a very sweet church member agreed to sit with the boys so that both of us could be with her at the hospital.

She came out of it fine and added a new, bright pink accessory to her wardrobe. 🙂 And, we used all of her x-rays during our unit study on the skeletal system.


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