32 weeks. DS #4.

Well, I genuinely stink at this blogging thing. Poor little DS #4’s pregnancy will go largely undocumented on here. However, since we are close to the end, I thought I would try to blog the remainder. 

As of 32 weeks, this pregnancy has been pretty ordinary. We have discovered that, perhaps, the reason why my pregnancies come to an early end is because I have almost constant infections. I have no symptoms of these infections until they cause contractions. Then, the doctor determines, “HEY! You have another infection…” and I go on drugs.

Anyway, because the contractions started around 28 weeks with DS #4, the doctor decided that I needed to have steroid shots for his lungs. The town in which we live doesn’t have a NICU and, since DS #3 was born at 36 weeks as a “wimpy, white male,” we thought the shots would be prudent. Steroid shots are beasts, by the way. When they warn you that they hurt, they are correct. When they warn you that you will be “hangry” (in other words, hungry AND angry), they are correct. Speaking of food, I just ate lunch and I’m hungry. AGAIN.

Speaking of hunger, I’m up 73 lbs as of my last appointment. What goes on, must come off so… the treadmill is waiting with my name on it. :/ This is, by far, the most that I’ve gained with any of the pregnancies and, as of the last appointment, we are measuring 4 weeks ahead. We will be having a growth sonogram next week. I’m trying really hard to throttle back on the cookies. As an aside, I LOVE salads and I eat one almost every day at lunch. I guess I’m undoing that good by eating dessert.

Anyway, we are doing well and will return to the OB on Friday the 18th.


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