“And Jill came tumbling down after…”

You see, it happened like this:

We were all dressed for church and were getting ready to walk out of the door. I, personally, was excited that the weather was warm enough for my jean skirt to be worn WITHOUT legging and WITH my favorite high heels. (Yes, I thought I needed to wear heels at 32 weeks pregnant.) I looked down at what DD was wearing. She was wearing the adorable new dress that my mom sent for her birthday. It is a very lightweight, turquoise dress… that, unfortunately, you can see her undiewears through when the light hits in right. I set out to find her little, white shorts to wear underneath it. My husband put the other kids into the suburban while I help her put pants on. DD and I then race out of the house.

As we are rounding the end of the house, my daughter ran towards the suburban. I wasn’t running but merely walking “with purpose.” I don’t know whether my foot found the gap in between the deck and the lip on the asphalt driveway or… I don’t know. The next moment found me falling on the asphalt. There was the appropriate amount of screaming and moaning from my mouth as I tried to figure out how injured my ankle actually was. There was a definite mound forming on my ankle and the pain wasn’t decreasing. So, I informed DH that I definitely needed to go to the hospital.

He decided that I, rightfully so, needed to get into the suburban. I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle. If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know how hard it is to stand up from sitting on the ground when you are not injured. I definitely couldn’t stand up with my bum ankle hurting. I also felt like I was going to vomit which is my standard reaction to pain. My wonderful DH decided to help me stand and get in the suburban. All was well until I was completely upright. I remember telling him, “I think I’m gonna pass out.” And, then I did. After a brief  little snooze, I awoke to his nose right in my face. I couldn’t figure out why he had his nose right in my face. So, I asked, “What happened??” He said, “You passed out. Don’t do that again.”

We finally were able to get me in the suburban and headed off to the ER. 10150777_10203925750727579_696174766167219604_n

I was given the word that I had a sprained ankle and possible torn ligaments. Since DS #4 hadn’t been too active since I fell, they also wanted to have him observed in Labor & Delivery. I was given an aircast and a set of crutches and DS #4 put on a show in L&D. He was perfectly normal during his time on the monitor so we were allowed to go home. We are, however, now already registered at the hospital for when the actual arrival time happens. Here’s to looking on the bright side!


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