33 weeks. DS #4.

PLEASE NOTE: the following blog entry WILL contain frank speech concerning the female anatomy. If that offends you, STOP reading.

Today was my 33 weeks appointment. I was greeted by my favorite nurse at the OB office. (To my nurse friends, don’t underestimate the power of being happy and kind while doing your job.  For patients who find themselves in the middle of misery, it can make a HUGE difference. Shout out to this wonderful lady who always is kind to me!) As she was taking my BP (132/81 today), she asked if I had any concerns today. I told her that I had nothing new but… I’d be willing to put money on me having another infection. She looked at me sympathetically but I assured her, “HEY! We are in the home stretch!!!!!! It’s allllllllllllll good!”

The appointment went well mainly because I genuinely enjoy conversations with my OB. I do have another infection and was given antibiotics AGAIN for this infection. I also have pink eye. That’s awesome. I just general feel like a cesspool during this pregnancy. She also looked at my ankle and determined that she’d feel better if I saw an orthopedic doctor. It was swollen and purple when she saw it. Because of the infection, she also checked my cervix. Still closed so that’s good news!! Baby’s heart rate is good and I gained 3 lbs in 2 weeks. I literally hear my treadmill yelling my name every time I step on the OB’s scale.

Next appointment is 2 weeks from today.


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