33 weeks 3 days. DS #4.

PLEASE NOTE: the following blog entry WILL contain frank speech concerning the female anatomy. If that offends you, STOP reading.

Well, it appears we may be entering the real beginning of the end. I spent most of last night having contractions and today hasn’t been any better. This fits with my normal pattern.

I think I may have another uti (or the last one never went away) and have tried calling the OB. However, it is Easter Monday and they are closed. No answering service. No nurse on call to have antibiotics called into a pharmacy. So… Drinking cranberry juice and lots of water while resting in between contractions and bathroom trips.

I have taken today as an opportunity to order DS #4’s coming home outfit. So, one less thing on the checklist. My DH also cleaned the house and did laundry. I don’t know what I’d do without him!


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