33 weeks 4 days. DS #4.

Warning: frank talk of female anatomy ahead. STOP reading if you are easily offended.

Well, I officially haven’t slept since Saturday night.

These contractions have been brutal.

So, I called and begged for an appointment at OB’s office today. They worked me in, thankfully! OB decided to do a fetal non-stress test and an internal exam.

Non-stress test showed a strong heartrate for DS #4 and that I was having contractions. Most of them were long and in the 50s. I had one in the 60s. (As a comparison, when I’m in active labor, we are cooking with peanut oil when the contractions range from 80-100.) The internal exam showed that my cervix is a fingertip dilated and soft. Still not bad considering this is baby #5.

Because of the number of contractions, my OB sent me to labor & delivery for monitoring. She also did a FFN test to determine whether I’m in preterm labor. If the FFN test is positive, I will stay in the hospital for a few days. If it is negative, I will only stay for a few hours of monitoring. They’ll send me home with a prescription for drugs to calm the contractions. They also sent over a urine sample to test for a UTI. The test was positive AGAIN for a yeast infection. So… Whether here in the hospital or at home, I’ll be taking those drugs. Will the infections EVER go away????

So. I lay here and wait.


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