33 weeks 5 days. DS #4.

After the doctor gave me procardia yesterday in Labor & Delivery, I came home to rest. Not long after I was home, we took my blood pressure because I felt dizzy. It had dropped to 84/42. Not surprising since procardia is a blood pressure medicine. Not long after my BP dropping, I developed a migraine.

With the migraine came nausea and sensitivity to light. All of that hit right around the finish of dinner when The Crazies were good and wound up. After my DH put them to bed, we sat in a pitch black living room hoping my migraine would go away soon. If I sat up, the contractions (oh… Yeah… Did I mention I was still having them??) got worse. If I laid down, the migraine got worse. Truly miserable. I told my husband that we would NOT be having any more kids.

I finally decided to take my cold, wet washcloths and attempt to sleep in my bed. Fail. Again, I couldn’t sit up and I couldn’t lay down. More contractions. More bathroom trips (bc peeing is a constant when massively pregnant. Haha) I fought like this until a little after 10 PM. My DH said he heard me snore a little after 10 PM. I fought contractions, bathroom trips and migraine until 4 AM while getting little periods of sleep.

Then, at 4 AM, something beautiful happened. I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 6 AM. Truly amazing. I still had contractions but none that were so painful that they fully awakened up. I am so thankful for those two straight hours of sleep.

My DH went to his office today and I was alone with the kids. I think my couch is developing a permanent butt mark on it. 🙂 Anyway, attempting to rest is pretty much an oxymoron when battling contractions. After the migraine last night, I swore off the procardia. I did talk to the on call nurse at my OB office and they changed the dosage on the procardia and said that probably would help with the migraine issue. She also said that the migraine was probably caused by the sharp decrease in my BP. I was told to monitor my BP closely. I’m still not too sure I want any part of procardia again after that misery.

Our church friends brought meals for us (DS #4 approved of both meals. Lasagna, bread and salad for another night and a Mexican feast for tonight.) so we were thrilled to take it easy and enjoy their kindness tonight. After the kids were in bed, my DH and I settled into the couch to watch The Voice on our Appletv. I was still having lots of contractions even when drinking water and laying on my left side. I ended up falling asleep and I haven’t a clue who America voted for on the lives. Boo. Oh well, I needed the rest.

When I awoke at 9:30ish and headed to bed, the contractions started hammering away. They were worse then during the day. I finally have caved and turned to the procardia. I took one and some Tylenol in the hope that I can preempt a migraine. I guess we will see what tonight holds…


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