Homeschool 2013-14 for DS #1. Done.

Our first OFFICIAL year of homeschool is complete. Well, DS #1 has completed the Kindergarten (or Getting Ready 2 as All-in-one homeschool curriculum calls it). DD is still working through her Pre-K curriculum (Getting Ready 1) because the Pre-K level is longer than the usual 180 days. I thought it would be beneficial to document some of our achievements as a family and individuals. Here goes!

DS#1: Completed 180 days of Kindergarten curriculum. Some accomplishments –

1. Can read very well on his own both out loud and silently.

2. ENJOYS reading!

3. Volunteers to read to his siblings.

4. Can identify the title and author of a book.

5. Can answer pertinent questions regarding a story that he has either read independently or has heard read aloud.

6. Learned phonics rules and applies them when reading independently, when asked to spell a word, and when reasoning through WHY a word is spelled in that manner.

7. Can count to 100 by 1.

8. Can count to 100 by 5.

9. Can count to 100 by 10.

10. Can count to 50 by 2.

11. Can add single digits (5 + 4 = 9) using a variety of methods including hashes, number line, items, etc. Prefers items.

12. Can subtract single digits using a variety of methods including hashes, number line, items. etc. Prefers hashes.

13. Can identify 2D shapes and find examples of each type .

14. Can identify 3D shapes and find examples of each type.

15. Can compare two items and identify which is longer/shorter, bigger/smaller.

16. Can compare two numbers and identify which is greater/lesser.

17. Learned about the life cycle and different parts of an apple.

18. Learned about the life cycle, anatomy and purpose of a bee.

19. Learned about clouds including the different types of clouds.

20. Learned the different food groups and can identify to which group a food belongs.

21. Learned about the skeletal system.

22. Learned about US coins. Can identify each coin, how it appears, and the value. Can also determine the overall value of a group of each type of coins.

23. Learned basic information regarding presidents who are on US coins.

24. Learned about ice/water/steam.

25. Learned about holidays (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter).

26. Learned his days of the week and can consistently identify the correct day.

27. Shows a persistent, growing desire to read the family Bible each day.

28. Is becoming more obedient.

29. Has a set of chores that he performs on a regular basis and does them with excellence. (i.e. He collects all dirty clothes from guest bathroom and then sorts them. He cleans under the dining room table and vacuums the floors. He can set and clear the dinner table.)

30. He is VERY compassionate.

31. Handwriting has improved noticeably since beginning of the year.

32. Learned his address.

Now, the things that we are still working on for the summer:

1. Consistently and correctly reading an analog clock.

2. Learning about community helpers

3. Learning the life cycle of a plant and actually planting a plant/flower.

4. Learning about the 5 senses.

5. Master tying his own shoes.

6. Master riding his bike without help.

7. Will continue his weekly spelling tests.

8. Learning about landforms.

Since DS #4 is due very soon, I’m glad that we finished his curriculum a tad earlier than I thought. I have found a couple of science experiments that I would like us to do just to bring some more fun to his learning.

Overall, while we have had our bumps in the road this year (and even moved to a different state!), I’m so glad that we chose to homeschool him for Kindergarten. We has grown so much both educationally and as a human being. Very, VERY proud of my big boy.



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