35 Weeks. DS #4.

WARNING: This will contain frank discussion of the female anatomy. If you are easily offended, STOP READING.

WOOHOO!! 35 weeks!!!!!!

When I was having lots of contractions, a friend who is a nurse told me that the local hospital ships you off to another hospital if you go into labor before 35 weeks. This, obviously wasn’t what we need for DS #4’s health or our family situation. So, my prayer has been that the contractions slow down or stop to avoid this situation.

Today was my 35 week appointment. The contractions have slowed considerably! I have been experiencing lots of downward pressure. That made me anxious to see what type of progress we had made since the last appointment.

Anyway, my BP is still good at 104/70. DS #4’s heartrate was good at 148 and he’s measuring 34 weeks. I’m 2 cm and 50% effaced. So, he’s pretty on track with where DS #3 was at this stage. I have another infection so back on antibiotics. Next appointment is a week from today.


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