Random 35 week musings.

WARNING: this WILL contain frank discussions of female anatomy. If you are easily offended, please STOP READING.

As I hit here and listen to DH play with The Crazies while I have contractions, I thought I’d reflect on where I find myself currently.

1. Mexican food is still king. All day. Any day. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Dessert. Whatever. Bring it. Ole!
2. I’ve lost chunks of mucus plug over the last couple of days. Not pretty but again, just preparing for the final weeks.
3. I’ve been attempting to stay pretty sedentary because of the contractions. As we approach these final weeks, I’ve increased my activity a tad. Today, we took The Crazies on a field trip to the local library. Good memories before we are a family of SEVEN.
4. I can’t fathom what DS #4 will be like. It’s always a huge surprise meeting the baby and watching his personality develop. I wonder how he will fit into our family. Will he pair off with someone?
5. DS #3 has become quite the talker recently. Some of his gems: “do you love DS#3??” His empathic response: “no!” After tons of us trying to get him to say it, he finally said “Love You” but not to us. To my mom. It was sweet but… He’s a little punk.
6. At the prompting of the ortho doctor, I have stopped wearing my boot. While my foot had been swelling considerably the last week or so after wearing the boot, it hasn’t been swollen hardly at all after ditching the boot!!!!
7. My “before the baby comes” to do list is still undone. It drives me nuts that I just don’t have the energy to do it. The major thing remaining is cleaning the house. We still need to pack a bag also. Oh, and find a diaper bag, clean it up and put his necessities in it. I also need to clean the breast pump parts. I hope this baby latches as well as DS #3 did but I like having the pump parts available just in case.
8. I’m starting to feel a tad nervous about another impending labor and delivery. I’ve conveniently not thought very hard about the pain in DS #3’s delivery and it is daunting to think about that occurring in the near future.
9. I am finally in maternity underwear exclusively. I’ve been wearing pre-pregnancy undiewears until just recently. I still have a lot of weight to lose after he arrives. Oh well.

Anyway, those are my random thoughts right now.


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