35 weeks 3 days. DS #4.

WARNING: this WILL contain frank discussions of female anatomy. If you are easily offended, please STOP READING. Let’s get this thing rolling!This morning started with pretty decent contractions. Thankfully, DS #4 allowed me to sleep very well last night. Anyway, these contractions have been really good ones. One was particularly spectacular and lasted TWO minutes. That one hurt really bad. They all started in my back and wrapped around to the front. They were intense enough that I had to focus to relax.

When I finally got out of the bed to shower, dress and get ready for the day, the contractions fell apart consistency-wise. They are still very intense but have stretch to more than 10 minutes apart. So, DS #4 chilled out and that’s a good thing! The long and short of this morning is that I don’t think I’m in labor but I definitely think I won’t still be 2 cm and 50% when I go back to OB on Friday.

Other things for me to remember: lots of downward pressure and back pain.

WE FINALLY PACKED OUR HOSPITAL BAG!!! WOOHOO!! And, by “we,” I mean DH packed the bag while I was laying in the bed having contractions. Again, I don’t know what I’d do without him.


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