36 weeks 1 day. DS #4.

After the midwife sent us to labor & delivery last night for a false alarm, I truly thought we wouldn’t be back until it was the real deal.Because I was having regular contractions, dilated to 4 cm, and being sent to labor & delivery to have the baby, I called my parents to start their journey. Since I was sent home and did NOT have the baby, we were given some bonus time with my parents.

Once they arrived in town, we met for lunch and then took DH, my dad, and the boys back to the house. My mom, DD and I went to the local mall to shop. And walk, of course. I had some humdingers while we walked the mall but nothing that would provoke a trip to labor & delivery.

After we were home and had dinner, we sent The Crazies to bed and were enjoying some time hanging out with my parents and watching a movie. The contractions started at around 8 PM and were 8 minutes apart. They continued getting stronger and closer together until, at 9 PM, I informed everyone that we probably needed to get some rest… just in case. My DH didn’t have a problem falling asleep but I was up riding the waves of contractions. By 10:45 PM, they were 5 minutes apart and almost 1.5 minutes long. By 11 PM, they were 4:30 minutes apart and still lasting 1.5 minutes long. They were pretty good, hard contractions and we were under the 5 minutes apart mark so I decided it was time to awaken my DH. I called the on call OB and she agreed that I needed to be checked.

I let my parents know that we were going into labor & delivery and we were checked in at midnight. I was handed my luxurious designer gown and girdle. While attempting to put them on, I had two almost back to back hard contractions. And, then I got in the bed. And, nothing. They just stopped. Done. Initial cervical check showed no progress from the night before. So, we were monitored for an hour. During the hour, I will say that this labor & delivery nurse had MUCH better bedside manner than the one from the night before. No regular contractions during the hour of monitoring so… we were streeted again. However, before I was sent home, I let our very nice nurse know that we would NOT be coming back until my water broke.

By 2 AM, we were back home and headed to bed again. Tylenol PM in and Mama out.


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