36 weeks 3 days. DS #4.

Yesterday was a quiet day of going to church and celebrating Mother’s Day with the family.Despite the frustration that they were obviously not going to be in town when DS #4 was born, it was really nice having my mom here to celebrate on Mother’s Day. Since we moved from our hometown in September 2011, we’ve not been able to be with either of our Moms on Mother’s Day.

By this morning, I was convinced that I had ANOTHER infection. I just finished the last antibiotic last night and symptoms started this morning. So, I called and asked for an appointment. The only provider with an opening was the midwife that I saw on Friday. Long story short. Yes, I have another infection. She checked me and DS #4 is still VERY high. This is in line with DS #3 who stayed very high until late in delivery. I also had by GBS test and another fetal non stress test. I’m now 4-5 cm… and I headed home. More waiting. More riding out contractions and more infection.

My next appointment is Friday. I guess we will see what the rest of the week brings. In the mean time, I’m utilizing my birthing ball and trying to help him migrate down. Even if he isn’t born for another 2 weeks, the birthing ball won’t hurt.


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