37 weeks. DS #4.

We made it to full term with this little stinker.

I had my 37 weeks checkup today. Didn’t gain a pound since my last check up so that’s a plus. Bp was 124/76. Still not bad. Had another nst and baby is good. That’s all the good news.

The bad news: I’m not progressing. Even with the hours of contractions I am having, he’s not dropping. The concern is his size. Doctor estimated he is currently around 8 lbs. I’ve had a 9 lb baby and he broke my tailbone and messed up my hips. So… His size is a concern.

I have received lots and lots of texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, etc asking me how things are going. Please understand that I use this blog for my memories, yes, but also to keep my family and friends updated. Understandably, I’m not in the best mental state these days. I do try to make the best of it when I’m in public. However, I am stressed, tired, frustrated, and often, hurting from hours of contractions. I love you all and thank you for caring enough to contact me. Please be understanding if I do not respond to you personally.


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