37 weeks 4 days. DS #4.

Not bad news but not the best news either.

DS #4’s growth sonogram was a mix of both good and not great news. I’m trying to focus on the positive side of it. He isn’t as big as he could be.

Good news: He is definitely still head down. He also is low enough that the sonographer couldn’t see his face. These are both very good news.

Not as great news: He is currently measuring exactly a week ahead. His current weight is estimated to be approximately 7 lb 12 oz. His legs are pretty large… We are in for a big baby boy.

So, I have my next appointment on Friday. I guess we will see what the doctor says about the sonogram results. We are still praying for these things.

Again, I will ask you to be understanding of where I am right now. I am trying my hardest to be positive and focus on the good in the situation. However, I do still have my other four children that I am trying to focus on during the day, DH to care for, and our house to keep in somewhat order. Because of that, I ask you to understand when I do not respond to every text message, phone call or email. I love you all and hope you will use this blog as a way of staying updated and allowing me to update everyone at once.


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