38 weeks. Unfamiliar territory. DS #4.

Since all of our other babies have been born at 37 weeks 5 days or before, being pregnant at 38 weeks is a very weird situation.

I had my 38 week appointment today. I gained 2 lbs since last week. BP was 124/80. His heartrate was good. Nothing has changed since last week. This OB is estimating that he is already over 8 lbs. She also doesn’t want me walking around at 5 cm anymore. She believes that is asking for an infection. He is still high which means that I won’t make any more progress.

So… DS #4 has a birthday set. We will be going tomorrow at 6 am for induction. Again, unfamiliar territory for us. Hopefully, the pitocin will be bring him down and bring more progress.

Anyway, we are praying for:
1. A good last night with our other kids while we celebrate and anticipate tomorrow.
2. Traveling mercies for my mom and sister.
3. A good night sleep for all of us.
4. Pitocin to work quickly.
5. Pain management during labor since I do not plan to have an epidural.
6. Good health for both DS #4 and me.

Ps. I am now having pretty hard contractions as I rest on the couch. As a friend said, “I’ll die laughing if you go into labor tonight.” 🙂


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