8:20 am. DS #4.

Enter my OB. she came in and checked me before they start the pitocin.

Well… This kid. It continues. She said “I… Can’t feel his head anymore… I can’t feel any parts now.”

So, we did an ultrasound. He is now curled up in a tight ball and he’s completely transverse.

We’d ask for your prayers. We have three options:
1. A version that would hopefully turn him.
2. A csection.
3. Wait a couple days and see if he turns himself.

The anesthesiologist is in a case right now so we have time to make a decision. Please pray this kid pulls his junk together. Please also pray for peace regardless of the decision.


One thought on “8:20 am. DS #4.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh my sweet friend. Praying that this little crazy will get it together and join the party. I know you have to be on pins and needles. Praying for peace. Love you.

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