DS #4 Stats.

Here’s all the stats that the ladies like to know. 🙂

Born at 4:13 PM. All natural (NO pain meds) birth with pitocin used to bring him down into my pelvis. He weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz., was 20″ long and had a 14.25″ head. He truly has a head of hair and looks to be a good mix of red and dark brown. He has huge feet and overall… Well, he’s just a hunk. 🙂 He is nursing like a champ and is currently getting his bath.

Would I do zero pain meds again?? Heck yes. I’m not gonna lie. From 9 cm and forward hurts like no one’s business and there were a lot of “I can’t do this” moments. I’m very thankful for my DH who does an amazing job supporting me. My mom and sister being in the delivery room was a huge help also!!

And, the biggest plus of going without pain meds is I feel amazing. I didn’t tear or anything. I’ve already been up and moving around a tad. No regrets!!!


2 thoughts on “DS #4 Stats.

  1. Jennifer says:

    You rock, woman!!!! So proud of you and beyond thankful today’s prayers were heard and answered. God is so good!!! Isaiah is such a sweet blessing. Can’t wait to here how he fits in perfectly with the seasoned crazies!!! Love you!!!

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