Losing weight in real life.

This is real life. I’m a real woman who fights a real life battle with her weight. And gluttony. And laziness.

When I lost 100+ lbs after baby #3, people would frequently say, “Man. How’d you do it???” And, when I’d tell them exactly how I did it, they’d express remorse because any number of excuses (I can say excuses because I have personally used most of them in the past!). I’m too busy. That’s too hard. That’ll take too long. I don’t have money to eat right and/or exercise. We truly can find a reason NOT to do whatever we don’t want to do.

So, I thought I’d be real. Losing weight in real life is hard. And, yet, it’s insanely easy. Huh? We all have jobs (whether in the home or outside of it). We all have friends. We all have families. Life is crazy for all of us. None of us have an unending source of money.

Do you know what I have found separates those who are successful and those who are not? Their commitment level. Do you really want this? Do you want to be healthy? Do you want to avoid diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc? Do you want to live to see your kids and grandkids? And, if you are a believer, do you want to glorify Christ with your body? If so, your commitment level will reflect it.

This is real life. You WILL stumble. You WILL have setbacks. You WILL miss a workout. You WILL eat cookies.

So, in the spirit of being real, I confess where I am with my weight. I gained 89.5 lbs with DS #4. That is an overwhelming number when I look at it as a whole. However, I am working hard. I am eating correctly sized portions. I am slowly getting back to being fit. DS #4 is 3.5 weeks old and I still have 65.5 lbs to get back to my lowest weight. This is real life though. It will take time. It will be hard … but it is worth the fight!


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