Making choices. Week 1.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is NOT exercise. At least, in “parent of a newborn” world, that is true.

My plans for today included starting my day early (after feeding DS #4) with wogging. However, when I fed him at 5 am, I was exhausted. My sweet, amazing husband took him downstairs and I collapsed back into my bed… Until 9 am. What??? I can’t remember the last time I slept that long. I feel so much more human. My legs feel better than they did through the night and early morning.

Now for the weekly weigh-in: 206.5 lbs. that’s 1 lb down! Woohoo! For a week that included a couple fast food meals because of travel, I’m THRILLED. We now press on for next Saturday’s weigh-in.

My new plan for today: eat as sensible as possible, clean our house, play at the park with our kids, and wog tonight after dinner. Since one of the kid’s birthday is today, there will be cake IN MODERATION! :))

Are you going to be active today? Sweeping the floors burns calories. Bouncing a baby for hours burns calories. Kicking a ball with your kids burns calories. Start where you are and get active!


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