Milestone! And, feeling the big MO’!!! Woohoo!!

I really have struggled getting started on this journey of losing DS #4’s pregnancy weight. I’d lose a pound and gain it right back. Or gain 0.5 lb back. Just back and forth. Not really feeling any solid momentum.

I told my husband recently that I always feel like the first 10 lbs are the hardest. It is emotional/psychological baggage that makes it that way (or at least it is in my case). Will I actually do this? CAN I do this? What if diet and exercise alone done work?

As of this morning, I’ve lost 10.5 lbs since I started tracking using itrackbites. That’s HUGE!! That’s MOMENTUM! So, after weighing in and seeing the 205 lbs, I visited my friend, Mr. Treadmill for some wogging. 2.83 miles later and I was a tired, nasty mess but I finished C25k week 2 day 1. 🙂 With that distance, I’m at 18.9 miles for the month of July. My goal was 30 miles and that is completely doable!

I’m planning to meet some friends and walk tonight so… Just keep going! That’s the motto!


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