What a ONE-derful surprise!

I weigh every morning. I understand that most people recommend that you don’t do that but I find it keeps me on track. It encourages me to either (1) keep doing what I’ve been doing or (2) see the effect of the splurge I indulged in for a day or so.

Having said that, I have weighed every day this week. I’ve been very good with my eating, drinking lots of water, and I’ve been very active. Because of this, my weight has been decreasing every day. Today, I’m THRILLED to say that the scale read 199.5 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING???????????? I’m still two days from my official weekly weigh-in so I’m hoping we see a tad lower number. Bye, bye, 200s! I’m down 35 lbs from my delivery weight and have 54.5 lbs to go in this marathon!


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