Active. Week 4.

I’ve tried to focus on being active this week.

As a mom of 5 kids, sometimes actual exercise (i.e. Getting on the treadmill, etc) can be limited. However, I can choose to stay up on my feet and clean. I can fold laundry while doing school with the kids. I can sweep while waiting on dinner to cook. I can take the kids on a walk around the church while my husband has a meeting. I can make active choices and burn calories. I’ve done that this week.

Outside of that type of “mom” activity, I’ve also wogged a few times this week. I walked with a group of ladies from church. I did a total of 13.69 miles this week! And, I finished my month of July with just shy of 41 miles. I’ve set 50 miles as my goal for August. I started the month with 5 miles yesterday so here’s to a good month!

It has paid off! Weekly Weigh-in: 199.0 lbs!! Woohoo!!! Down 4.5 lbs this week. On to next week! 54 lbs to go!!


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