How to win the game.

I lllllooooovvveeee winning. I love it so much that I won’t play games with my husband. No family game nights in our house. If I don’t win, well… It isn’t a good night. So, I don’t play. 🙂

This weight loss thing is a “must win” situation. That same temptation to just stop playing the game is there when trying to lose weight and get healthy. I find myself thinking, “well, I overate AGAIN, I might as well have another cookie.” Or, “I’m not going to meet my goal by Thanksgiving so I won’t bother measuring my portions.” Uh. I struggle with remembering what the definition of a “win” is in this game. A win means continuing to move forward. A win means a 0.5 lb loss. A win means not struggling to breath when walking upstairs. A win means having the energy to play with your kids.

In that mindset, I share my weekly weigh-in: 185.5 lbs. down 1 lb this week.

ONLY 10.5 lbs from my next goal
ONLY 40.5 lbs from my ultimate goal.

Are you struggling with winning?? Keep moving forward!


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