Essential oils.

So you’re interested in trying Young Living Essential Oils. AWESOME! What’s next?

You probably have some questions. Let’s talk about them.

1. What benefits do Wholesale Members enjoy?

You receive 24% off of retail pricing. This is a huge savings!

2. Will I be required to purchase a minimum amount each month?

No, you will not. As a Wholesale Member, you are required to purchase $50 in essential oils PER YEAR to retain wholesale pricing.

3. I do NOT want to sell Young Living essential oils. Will I be required to do that if I become a Wholesale Member?

No. There is no obligation to sell essential oils if you become a Wholesale Member. If you use your oils and love them (and we KNOW you will!) and your friends/family want to purchase essential oils from you, you have that option as a Wholesale Member. However, there is ZERO pressure to sell these awesome oils.

4. If I change my mind and decide to sell Young Living Essential Oils, is it easy to do that?

ABSOLUTELY. You will have a Wholesale Member number upon buying your Starter Kit and you can simply give your Wholesale Member number to your friends/family to use during their purchase.

5. What happens after I become a Wholesale Member? I don’t know how to use my Young Living essential oils! I’m not an expert like you.

I am not an expert either, thankfully! When you purchase a Premium Starter Kit through me, I will give you a Reference Guide (either in book form or in a handy app for your smartphone) and I will point you to lots of useful other websites. You will also receive access to private Facebook groups for support and ideas. **Please note that this offer of a Reference Guide book or app is good in the US only.**

6. Ok, so what is the Premium Starter Kit of which you have spoken?

I recommend the Premium Starter Kit because it is a HUGE value. It is composed of $163 in Everyday Oils Collection (these are the oils that you will most often reach for!) and a diffuser worth $98.

OF PSK Green mine

How do you join Young Living as a Wholesale Member?

1. Go HERE to start as a Wholesale Member. (**You will see an option to become a Retail Customer. Retail Customers do NOT receive Wholesale Member pricing and pay 24% more than Wholesale pricing. You also are not able to buy Starter Kits as a Retail Customer. These are HUGE savings on Young Living essential oils.**)

2. Ensure that my member number (#2404698) is in both the Sponsor and Enroller fields (or just click HERE). In order to receive the free Reference Guide book or app and receive access to my private Facebook groups, you must purchase through my referral link.

3. Complete the form requesting your personal information. Make sure you don’t forget your email address as we will use this to ensure that you get vital education regarding your Young Living essential oils.

4. Choose the Premium Starter Kit.

5. You will be given the choice of enrolling in Essential Rewards right now. You are NOT required to join Essential Rewards to become a Wholesale Member. Just simply choose to skip this section right now.

6. Remember to agree to the Terms and Conditions.

7. Confirm your order!

8. Email me to let me know that you are joining my Oily Skeptics Family and with any questions! rosalind.reinolds(at)

Disclaimer: Our content is not intended to replace professional medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. Information obtained from this group should never cause disregard or delay seeking advice or treatment from a medical or healthcare provider. Use of any information from the content of this site solely at your own risk.

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