Week 2.

I haven’t been blogging my progress because I felt some pressure to see big loss numbers.
So, I’ve been recording the progress and just focusing on doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

What I’ve been doing: I have an accountability partner that I check in with every day and I have a group on Facebook where friends keep each other accountable. I have been following weight watchers points plus guidelines for portion control and daily intake. I have been wogging. Since January 1st, I have wogged almost 51 miles. It has felt good!!

And all of that has paid off.

Today’s weight: 178.5 lbs. only 3.5 lbs from my next weight goal and 33.5 lbs from my big goal. (That is a 6.5 lbs loss in 2 weeks. Good, steady and slow progress. I’m pleased.)


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