I’m a skeptic.

psk skeptic titleI have to admit that I have seen my friends rave about essential oils on Facebook for quite some time.

I have always had the mentality of addressing complaints with a dose of Tylenol or a doctor visit. I’m as far from “natural” as you can possibly be. We’ve acquired a little list of problems that are bothering us as a family. We have a 2.5 year old with horrible skin issues. Our 7.5 month old stopped sleeping for any length of time at night. My husband’s ankles hurt from an injury a couple of years ago. Our 7.5 month old has developed skin issues also. Our 7 year old grinds his teeth. The list just goes on and on.

One day while on Facebook, I read someone’s comment about an oil for a baby sleeping through the night. That made me start researching. I talked it over with my husband and we agreed that we were willing to give it a shot. I researched Young Living and doTerra. (Some of the reasons I didn’t choose doTerra are found in this article.) I contacted a local Young Living distributor and chatted. I purchased the Premium Starter Kit as a Wholesale Member. I also thought that I’d blog through the purchase and my experiments with the oils.

I’ve had both positive and negative experiences with both the company and the products so far. Here we go:

1. I placed the order on 1/8/15 and paid for 2 day expedited shipping. I don’t prefer to do that but we weren’t sleeping because of the 7.5 month old. I was desperate. My total with expedited shipping costs and tax was $179. From their website, it included “Everyday Oils collection, Home Diffuser, Welcome to Young Living booklet, Essential Oils at a Glance user’s guide, Distributor Resource Guide, S.E.E.D. Sharing for Success booklet, Citrus Fresh 5-ml, AromaGlide Roller Fitment, two Lavender Sample Packets, two Peppermint Sample Packets, two Peace & Calming Sample Packets, two Lemon Sample Packets, two Thieves Sample Packets, Sample Packet Business Cards, two NingXia Red 2-oz. samples, Distributor Agreement, Product Guide and Product Price List.” The Home Diffuser (if purchased alone) is approximately $100 so the kit was a good bargin.

2. By 1/12/15, I still hadn’t received any emails saying that the kit had shipped so I contacted Customer Service via their handy online chat function. (With 5 kids running wild, online chat is always my best choice.) I spoke with a nice gentleman who apologized for the delay in shipping but there wasn’t an expected ship date for the kit. He offered to credit my shipping costs and I accepted. Total time awaiting a representative was approximately 1 hour.

3. On 1/14/15, I received an email notification that my kit was shipping and since it was coming by 2 day air, it was due to arrive on 1/16/15. In our sleep deprived state, we were THRILLED!

4. My big box was delivered as expected on 1/16/15. See? πŸ™‚ IMG_5402

5. I opened the box and the packing slip was at the very top.IMG_5403

Backordered. Backordered. The Home Diffuser was on backorder. I was seriously bummed. I have issues (remember my skepticism?) about putting the untried by me essential oils on my 7.5 month old’s skin. I was hoping to diffuse something to help with his sleep. I went through the rest of the box and checked out the essential oils and books.


It was dark when I finally got to open my box of essential oils so this pic shows that we are slowing trying the oils. πŸ™‚

6. I emailed my awesome upline and asked her what to do since the Home Diffuser was backordered and I wanted to try an oil for the lack of sleep situation. She offered to allow me to borrow her diffuser to try it out. She has been tremendously helpful in this situation!

7. We began trying different essential oils and I will blog about each of those experiences.

8. As of today, 1/19/15, I still haven’t received an email notifying me of my Home Diffuser being shipped. So, I contacted online chat help again. I spoke to a very helpful lady who confirmed my shipping credit from the original shipping delay and apologized for the additional delay. There is still not an estimated ship date for my Home Diffuser. Because of the inconvenience, they are shipping me a 15 mL bottle of Lime essential oil. Total time awaiting a representative was only approximately 25 minutes.

Overall, the initial ordering experience with Young Living has had ups and downs.


1. Very neat packaging. Easy to understand Product Guide and instructions on the actual oils.

2. Overly accomodating and professional customer service representatives when a problem arises.

3. Good value ($150 before tax and shipping) for the amount of product received.

4. Upline is very supportive and helpful with any information I needed. I can’t say enough good things about the amount of help.


1. Obviously, the company is overwhelmed with response to their product. While I saw that they have a warning on the Premium Starter Kit description saying that the Home Diffuser is in high demand and they may choose to substitute the product for something comparable, they are still experiencing delays.

Grade on initial order, product delivery and customer service:

B because of the Customer Service representatives helping to compensate for the delay of product.

Stay tuned. We tried Lavender first. πŸ™‚

Interested in trying essential oils along with me? Click here to order and then comment and let me know what you think!


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